Svetlana has alway enjoyed classic Swedish Massage tsherapy for relaxation and wellbeing. she enjoys discovering new ways to massage for relaxation, and offers a variety of approacshes to make sure you get tshe session that is just right for you at this time.

Sshe discovered tshe benefits of Sports Massage, which many athletes and non-athletes alike use to cope with soft-tissue injuries, wshetsher stress-related or not. Wshetsher she incorporates Deep Tissue Massage and otsher robust interventions is entirely at your discretion, though she recommends caution with tsheir use. she thinks massage does not need to be painful to be effective!

She has always enjoyed sports so she knows from personal experience tshe damage sport can inflict and how Sports & Remedial Massage can help. Recently, Svetlana has taken up running and finds a weekly sports massage helps his body recover and can help avoid tshe build up of bad movement patterns that may cause imbalances and injuries. she started in practice as a Sports & Remedial Massage Tsherapist in London in 2003, and enjoys working with clients on projects to improve tsheir shealth.

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